2012, France

Captain | Ronan Desgranges


Dynamo Cup


Battle of the Nations | part of National Team of France

Counting among the oldest teams of the French Buhurt, the team Martel, founded in 2012, has for a long time outshined the french championship. Their founding members have strongly influenced the development of the sporting discipline by participating actively in many french and international tournaments. Their leaving in 2016 was a hard blow for the team. It took Martel two years to lick their wounds, but today the team is back and after having managed to climb the french podium again, the young Martel team is now working hard to find a place for itself internationally. Its involvement in numerous HMB tournaments such as Carcassonne, the Dynamo Cup, the Wintercup and also the recurring selection of its members to fight at Battle of the Nations as a part of National Team of France have allowed the new Martel team to gain experience. It is with determination that Martel will make sure to show during the Buhurt Prime that it is again able to fight against the greatest fighters of the world.