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Touch the living history!

Buhurt Prime event is the final tournament of the Buhurt League season – sort of the Champions League in such new type of world sport as Historical Medieval Battle, where fighters battle each other using the completely historical accurate replicas of armor and weapons of medieval times.

Buhurt Prime is the true competition of the strongest. Over the whole year the fighters from different countries of the world participate in official Buhurt League tournaments and get the rating points. At the end of the Season, ten teams that have got the biggest number of scores receive the official invitation to the ultimate final tournament – Buhurt Prime, where the strongest team will be determined and will receive the title of World Champions in Historical Medieval Battle.

This year we welcome teams of the knights from the Czech Republic, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA, that have proved their right to step into the arena of the Serbia’s largest convention and exhibition centre — Beogradski Sajam! and show their determination, courage and will for the victory.

Let’s have a look at the names that probably need no special introduction whose coats of arms known far and wide.

We bet you 100-to-1 that you fail to predict the results! And we can’t wait to witness the standoff of these legends. So, don’t forget to join our live stream on February 26th and enjoy each and every long-awaited moment!

13:00 Start
Start of the live stream. Group Stage

5vs5 team fights

15:45 Tournament

4 fights for 8 best teams

16:15 Tournament

2 fights

16:40 Tournament

Fight for the 3rd place and the final fight

17:00 Awarding
Awarding Ceremony

 Awarding of the Champions of the Buhurt Prime 2022

Buhurt Prime: Tournament Results

The award ceremony for the winners of the final tournament of the season 2017-2018 Buhurt Prime opened with a spectacular and incendiary performance of the

The play-off stage of Buhurt Prime

The second part of the Buhurt Prime tournament, began with a performance of the band from Italy. Musicians and the Reinere-theater delighted the spectators in

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