HMB tournaments, especially high-level ones, have not passed without online broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch for several years.
For example, no one imagines the online broadcast of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations without the emotional comments of Gavin Stewart. In addition, many fans of HMB sports in Russia know and love the host of the tournaments Vladimir Steiner.

Buhurt Prime in Monaco is no exception. Gavin will be the online commentator for the English-language broadcast, the Russian-language stream will be taken over by Vladimir Steiner and Anton Gorbunov.

Anton and Vladimir have a lot to tell us. Anton is training at the Tannenberg HMB club with 3-time world champion in HMB Alexei Petrik, and has four years of experience as an online broadcast commentator. Vladimir is the main host of all the largest HMB tournaments in Russia. You heard his commentary in the broadcast from the castle of Santa Severa in the team of Russian commentators last year.

And Anton’s voice is well known to those who watched stream of the Tournoi de la Citadelle -2018 in Carcassonne, Battle on the Neva tournament – 2016-2017 and Recon festival 2017-2018. He also administered the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2018. However, Anton prefers live broadcasts from the edge of the lists.

Anton Gorbunov:
“I never worry about live broadcasting. I live these moments. I always like to comment on everything that happens on the list. “

It is worth noting that the Russian-language translation of Buhurt Prime is held in partnership with HMB schools of Russia.

Even if you cannot attend the Buhurt Prime tournament in Monaco personally, thanks to the professional technical team that provides the online broadcast and the wonderful commentators, the viewer will not miss anything.