You can distinguish Stradivari Design architecture from any other at first glance, for a very simple reason: looking at it you can’t help but think, “I wonder what it would be like to live in it.” But the most incredible thing is that if you are a Stradivari client, you will be thinking the same thing when looking at your own home.

The flow of history forcefully issuing from this illustrious forefather has reached us today, and has eventually given rise to Stradivari Design, the company of Luca Stradivari and David Bodino, who are fully committed to permeate the challenging arena of contemporary society with their entire heritage of knowledge and experience gathered through the centuries.

It doesn’t matter what the company’s specialists take – villas, buildings, gardens, decor and daily use items … to all that enrich our lives Stradivari Design bestows a fundamental ingredient: the fascination of works that are really performed “according to art.”

No matter which style of architecture or design you prefer. You will get a consistent result – stylish, functional and original. You will envy yourself.

This company sees the brutal beauty of the HMB sport and supports Buhurt Prime.