Prague Trolls

Prague Trolls

2013, SKSKB Praha, Czech Republic

Captain | Jan Burgerstein

Motto Fight against hard opponents is the best way, how to be one of them one day

Austria (Linz) 2013 | Victory

Dynamo Cup 2016 | The Prize for the best newbie

Dynamo Cup 2018| progress from 1st place of the group

Tournament of The White Horse (Horsens – Denmark) | Draw in one round of the fight with Bear Paw team

Buhurt League 2017/2018 | Second place and invitation to participate in Buhurt Prime

Prague Trolls became known to HMB fans thanks to their determination they show on every tournament they have participated in. They never give up and always fight hard. Stronger opponents motivate them to get better and improve their performance not only in fights but also in the gym. „The most important thing is a good physical preparation and an armour of high quality“ Jan Burgerstein, the captain of the team says. You can see a lot of hard work and diligence behind these guys. The Trolls are currently the best czech team, there is no rival now. That is why they travel to tournaments abroad, where they gain not only needed experiences, but new friends, too.
The very beginning of the Troll fighters was in 2012. Majority of the Trolls have their roots in reenactment, where the founders of SKSKB Prague club and this team, met. Those days the Prague Trolls did not exist, it took some time to form the team as it is now in 2018. BOTN 2013 was the first big tournament for Troll founders. And there were many more tournaments in Austria, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Russia, where the boys fought and gathered experiences.
In 2016 it was the first time the Trolls participated in Dynamo Cup, where they took place among the 12 best teams and brought back home trophy for the best newbie. Since that time they constantly strive to improve and fight as many tournaments as possible. In 2018 The Trolls took part in 14 tournaments abroad with a full team.
To be Prague Trolls does not only mean to fight with the troll teammates, it is also a friendship that bonds the guys. So they can rely on each other not only in fights, but also in private life. They make a good gang, they share the same dream and they are not afraid to follow it. Mutual encouragement is a must, they all agree.
And what is the greatest success for the Trolls till now? Everything that drives them to get better and to surpass the successes they once thought were impossible.
And what is the goal of the Trolls? Always get better and better, defeat stronger rivals and raise more new passionate people for the sport and develop HMB community in the Czech republic.