Captain | Alessandro Vernizzi

Country: Italy

Club: Feltrio

The year of foundation: 2013

Team squad for Buhurt Prime 2020:

1 – Alessandro Vernizzi (С)
2 – Carlo Desideri
3 – Francesco Di Pietro
4 – Francesco Seraghiti
5 – Ivo cappelletti
6 – Marco Fiaccadori
7 – Omar Corda
8 – Roberto Fontana

Originally based in Urbino, the team grew due to the union of different fighters from all over Italy. Friendship, training and passion in the medieval combat, made team Feltrio one of the best in the italian movement. Our goals are having fun in every match and feel the adrenaline. Participation botn: trogir like italy 3, Praga 1 just for 21vs21, Praga 2 italy 3, Barcelona italy 1, Roma italy 2, Serbia italy 2
Every time since 2016 we always passed through our groups finishing after playoffs
We join buhurt league just in summer 2019
In buhurt league we never had remarkable results
Feltrio moved his first steps in 2013